March 23, 2023

Zombie virus 48500 years old found in russian frozen lake french scientists deadly diseases

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French scientists resurrect 48,500-year-old zombie virus buried under frozen lake in Russia
Zombie viruses are viruses that are frozen in ice.
The virus is 48,500 years old and has the potential to infect humans as well

moscow, In an unexpected incident in Russia, scientists have resurrected a dangerous zombie virus. According to a report in The Statesman News Service, French scientists revived a 48,500-year-old zombie virus buried under a frozen lake in Russia. Scientists have long warned that climate change could give rise to many zombie viruses that have been frozen in ice for a long time.

Explain that zombie viruses are viruses that are frozen in ice. While in deep freeze, they are in a sort of hibernation which renders them inactive due to the extremely low temperature. As the snow melts and the temperature rises, the virus that has been trapped inside the snow for years comes alive. Scientists at the French National Center for Scientific Research, who found the virus buried under a frozen lake in Russia, said the virus is 48,500 years old and has been found in other animals and even humans. It has the potential to infect humans as well. They have named the virus as Pandora-virus.

Global warming not only calls for natural disasters but can also call for many types of epidemics. As we all know that due to global warming, there is a huge change in the environment and due to the increasing level of pollution, the temperature of the world is increasing. Due to this the snow covered mountains are melting under which many viruses and germs are frozen. Once freed, scientists say that these viruses will come to life and can spread across the world like the coronavirus.

Scientists have revived about two dozen ancient viruses, the oldest of which is very dangerous. Despite being frozen for thousands of centuries, the virus remains infectious. Examining ancient samples collected from Burma Frost in the Siberia region of Russia, according to researchers who resurrected these viruses, including one that had been frozen under a lake for more than 48,500 years. These viruses can cause 13 new diseases, the solution of which is not yet with the human society.

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