March 23, 2023

World’s oldest turtle turns 190, birthday celebration being celebrated

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The longest living turtle in the world has turned 190 years old. Its name is also recorded in the Guinness World Records. This turtle named Jonathan is the oldest turtle in the world. The four-foot-tall Jonathan lives on the island of Saint Helena in the South Pacific, and festivities have been held to mark his historic anniversary. They are culminating with a three-day party later this week. This old tortoise is now blind. It was first brought to the British overseas territory from Seychelles in 1882 when it was about 50 years old.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, Jonathan was given as a gift to the then governor, Sir William Grey-Wilson, and lives in the Plantation House mansion, where the current governor, Nigel Phillips, lives. He has seen 31 governors come and go during his time on the island.

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