March 25, 2023

Woman’s wonderful way of money saving, saves 100 rupees on wrong pronunciation of name, bank offers

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Money Saving Tips: Everyone tries to save a little of the money they earn. Many people deposit money in the bank for money saving, while many people save money through premium. But every person finds new ways to save money. One such method has been adopted by a woman, in which she puts 1 pound i.e. 101.08 rupees in the jar if someone mispronounces her name. In this way, the woman started using the pronunciation of wrong name as a saving money.

Julia Green, a 28-year-old woman, says that she is tired of explaining the pronunciation of her name to ‘Julie’. Despite this, people pronounce their names wrong. That’s why the woman has converted it into money saving by not minding the pronunciation of the name. Julia started a money saving challenge for herself. She saves £1 (Rs 101.08) every time someone calls her by the wrong name. He set up ‘Julie Pot’ and saved £9 (909.68). If this continues, she expects to have saved £1,000 (Rs 101075.14) by the end of the year. She plans to use the saved money to buy a house.

The Mirror quoted Julia as saying, “I just decided to have a little fun with it. It doesn’t really bother me (when people get my name wrong) because it’s happened ‘so many times’ that I kinda laugh about it now. She said, ‘I often make sure to emphasize ‘a’ in the phonetics alphabet and do ‘a for alpha’, but this is not always the case. Most people get it right. I had to explain as a child.

Julia said, ‘I don’t know (why people get it wrong). It’s a fairly common name and a silly way to save some cash. In fact, UK-based bank Monzo has asked Julia if they could use her money-saving initiative as part of their marketing strategy.

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