March 25, 2023

Woman was doing ‘obscene photo’ shoot on the stairs of the religious place, created a ruckus

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Viral Photo: A surprising case has come to light from Italy. Here in a church, a woman reached for a naked photo shoot. The photography was going on when the police came to the spot. Later this photo shoot was stopped. But the video and photo of this photoshoot is going viral on social media. Many people have expressed displeasure over this.

According to the British newspaper ABEC, the woman dressed in red surprised everyone on Monday morning by getting a photoshoot done at the Roman Catholic Church in Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi, Italy. A local news outlet in Italy said the woman was a British influencer. She was posing on the stairs just outside the church door. The local newspaper Il Matino said the police arrived before the photoshoot was over.

This was the reason for getting the photoshoot done
Later the British model clarified on this issue. She defended herself saying that she had just gone there to be photographed for remembrance. He had no other intention. It is being said that this program of photo shoot was going to go on for a long time, but after the police reached there, the woman’s team had to pack all the items.

people expressed their displeasure
Local reports said the woman and her team were reprimanded and warned against sharing further photos. A user on Facebook expressed displeasure about this, he wrote, ‘It is highly condemnable and unacceptable to strip like this in front of such an important church. it’s such a shame.’ Another user said, ‘The point of condemnation is not that she was getting a naked photo shoot, but that she chose a church for it.’

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