March 21, 2023

‘Will you kill Zelensky?’ Former Israeli PM asked Putin a question, know what was the answer – News18 Hindi

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Israel’s former PM Naftali Bennett, who tried to reach an agreement in Russia-Ukraine, has made a big claim.
Naftali had asked Putin if you would kill Zelensky.
Naftali has disclosed this in an interview.

New Delhi. Russia Ukraine War will complete one year on February 24 this month. Also, the possibility of its end is also not visible at the moment. On the other hand, western countries are giving heavy weapons to Ukraine to stand firm in the battlefield. At the same time, Russia has also intensified its attacks. In the midst of a fierce war, now former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made a big disclosure about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a Hindustan Times report, when Naftali met Putin last March, he asked him whether he intended to kill the Ukrainian president. On this, Putin promised him not to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Please tell that before this Zelensky himself has said that Russia wants to kill him.

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In fact, Putin had made this promise to Naftali Bennett in the early days of the war when he went to Russia to try to mediate. In an interview, Naftali said, ‘I asked, are you planning to kill Zelensky?’ So he had said that ‘I will not kill Zelensky. Then I told him ‘I have to understand that you are giving me your word that you will not kill Zelensky.’ He said ‘I am not going to kill Zelensky.’

Naftali told this to Zelensky
Naftali has shared this 4-hour interview on his YouTube channel. In the interview, he told that after the meeting with Putin, he had given information about this by calling Zelensky. He said I called him and said listen I came out of a meeting, he is not going to kill you. On this he asked are you sure? So I said 100 percent he will not kill you.

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