March 25, 2023

Will the war with Russia end before Ukraine gets ‘Western tanks’?

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On the demand of Ukraine, America, Britain and Germany have announced to give tanks to it.
Russia has not given any sharp statement on this but has made strong attacks on Ukraine.
It is estimated that Russia may end its military operations before the arrival of these tanks.

On the demand of Ukraine, as soon as the western countries have announced to supply tanks to it (Tanks supply from western countries), Russia has started attacking it with rapid missiles (Russian Missile attack on Ukraine). This decision has been taken after several months of reluctance on the part of the western countries, due to which Russia has intensified its military operations in Ukraine. Russia had already been continuously warning that it would see the help of Western countries to Ukraine as an attack on Russia by those countries. Many experts believe that even before the tanks reach Ukraine, Russia ends its military operation by occupying important areas of Ukraine.

how many tanks from whom
America has recently announced that it has announced to give 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine and after showing some hesitation, Germany has also agreed to send its 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine under American pressure. Apart from this, only last week, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had also announced to send his 14 Challenger tanks.

tanks are few
But these are only 59 tanks in total while Ukraine has demanded 300 tanks. But this decision from the western countries has also come after many months when they did not want to directly show their participation in the war. Germany also showed a lot of hesitation in this matter, after which America had to put pressure on it.

how are the conditions different
It is not just about the decision to send tanks. Earlier America was helping Ukraine in this way unofficially. He was saying that sending M1 Abrams tank to Ukraine would be a difficult task. Not only this, he had also said that its maintenance is expensive and it would be difficult for the Ukrainian army to run it. But now this attitude of America has changed. Even he has put pressure on Germany.

Russia has recently made sharp missile attacks on Ukraine. Twitter/MattiMaasikas)

Russia looks different too
At the same time, Russia has also not spoken any harsh words this time. Only the decisions have been criticized and that too, statements indicating some kind of danger have come from any political and military leadership. Russia is looking more confident this time and it seems that it is not feeling any danger from these tanks. But his actions are telling something different.

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not much use
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine doesn’t seem like a surprise. Western experts believe that these tanks are not going to prove to be a game changer where Russia is already leading in this matter. They feel that now Russia will strengthen its position in Bakhmut Soledar, Zaporizhzhya even before the tank reaches.

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Russia can complete its action and end the military operation even before Ukraine’s tanks are received. (Representational photo: shutterstock)

Russian will complete the action
Telegram Group experts are indicating that Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to capture many areas of Ukraine even before the tank reaches and will also announce to end Russia’s military action on Ukraine after the capture of certain areas. At the same time, the destruction of the western tank will embarrass America and Germany, due to which they may be forced to retaliate.

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In such a situation, Russia would like that such a situation should not come that it would have to face the situation of destroying western tanks. At the same time, Germany can be asked to give Leopard tanks given by it to other European NATO countries to Ukraine, for which the restriction will have to be removed, according to which the weapons bought from Germany cannot be sold to anyone else. Overall, it will take time for the tank to reach Ukraine, before which Russia would like to settle some important work.

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