March 23, 2023

Will the EU provoke Russia amid the energy crisis? This big step was taken in the midst of war

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EU to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers
Camps will be set up in Poland and Germany for military training
The EU has so far given Kyiv about 3 billion euros in aid for weapons

Brussels, A meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday could seal a proposal for an additional 500 million euros to help train 15,000 Ukrainian troops and deliver weapons to Kyiv. According to a report by the news agency Reuters, the EU is going to teach Ukrainian soldiers how to deal with Russian soldiers. According to EU officials, this military training can be started in mid-November.

Will be trained in Poland and Germany
Two senior EU officials said military training could begin in mid-November. Also, for this military training, camps will be set up in Poland and Germany where modern training will be given to the soldiers. It should be noted that several EU countries are already training Ukrainian soldiers to use specific weapons.

3 billion euros in aid
The foreign ministers of the countries of the European Union are going to create a fund of 500 million euros in the meeting. With the help of this fund, the EU is going to deliver arms to Ukraine so that it can face Russian soldiers even in the harsh winter of Europe. According to the report, the EU has so far given about 3 billion euros in aid to Kyiv for weapons.

Russian troops stationed in Belarus
While the EU is going to train Ukrainian soldiers, Russia has decided to deploy its 9,000 soldiers in Belarus to surround Ukraine. According to Belarus’s defense ministry, it is going to deploy around 9,000 Russian troops as part of the army’s “regional group” to guard its borders in the country. For this, Belarus has also reached with the first contingent of Russian soldiers.

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