March 27, 2023

WHO’s big alert on earthquake in Turkey, Syria, said- 23 million people will be affected

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Situation sensitive after earthquake in Turkey Syria
Thousands of buildings collapsed and damaged, heaps of debris everywhere
World Health Organization claims – 2.3 crore people will be affected

New Delhi. Regarding the powerful earthquake in Turkey, Syria, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that 23 million people are expected to be directly affected by it. The first major earthquake struck Turkey on Monday morning and was followed by another strong earthquake about 12 hours later. 17.9 km near the city of Gaziantep in Turkey and Syria. (11 miles) The magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred at a depth of 1.5 km, which is the most severe earthquake ever recorded in Turkey. The magnitude of the second earthquake was 7.5 and its epicenter was in Elbistan district of Kahramanmaras province.

The WHO has said that the death toll from these earthquakes could go beyond 20,000, but it is estimated that 23 million people will be affected due to this. WHO said that thousands of people are at risk of becoming homeless in this dangerous cold weather. About 11 thousand buildings have collapsed in 10 big cities due to earthquakes. Several thousand buildings have developed cracks and living in them can be dangerous. Due to the earthquakes, thousands of buildings in Turkey and Syria have become weak due to earthquakes and they have to be repaired immediately. Scenes after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria have been widely shared on social media. In these videos, the scene of devastation has come in front of the world. Roads have been destroyed and as far as can be seen in the pictures coming from both countries, huge mountains of debris are visible.

Turkish President Erdogan announces 7 days of national mourning
Turkish President Erdogan has announced 7 days of national mourning. Ordered to lower the flag to half mast. Rescue workers and residents in the affected cities are busy evacuating people from collapsed buildings. Patients, including newborns, had to be safely evacuated from a Turkish hospital and several hospitals in Syria that were destroyed in the earthquake. Regarding this accident, Turkish President Recep Tayyin Erdoğan said that the work of removing debris of many buildings in the earthquake area is going on.

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