March 25, 2023

Who Is Russia’s New Commander Surovikin for the Ukraine War? Asks 3 heads for the death of 1 soldier

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Russia has now appointed its infamous general Sergei Surovikin to lead the Ukrainian Front
Surovikin has also been awarded the title of ‘Hero of Russia’ for cruelty
Surovikin had a notorious reputation during both Chechen wars.

moscow, President Vladimir Putin has appointed his now infamous General Sergei Surovikin to lead the Ukrainian Front amid growing military failures and growing discontent during the Ukraine war. The appointment of Sergei Surovikin, which came after the sacking of two senior Russian military commanders, is considered very important for the war in itself. Moscow has been increasingly under pressure to win the war soon after the loss of a large part of Ukraine’s northeast and south and the Kerch Bridge explosion. In such a situation, the appointment of Putin to General Sergei is considered to be part of a bigger strategy in itself.

who is surovikin
The general, born in 1966 in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, was recently announced as the head of Russia’s southern military group in the war against Ukraine. Surovikin has been deployed in Syria since Russia’s military operation in Afghanistan. Surovikin has also been awarded the title of ‘Hero of Russia’ after carrying out very brutal attacks in the Syrian war in 2017. He led the Russian military operation in Syria as the commander of the aerospace forces.

Known for cruelty in Russia
General Sergei Surovikin is known for his brutality in the Russian military, according to a report by the Jamestown Foundation, a US defense policy think-tank. In this report of Tink Tank, it has been said that during attacks, he crosses all limits of cruelty in enemy areas. Surovikin, a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the late 1980s, had a notorious reputation during both Chechen wars.

jailed twice
Sergei Surovikin has also been jailed for six months on charges of killing three anti-communist protesters on the streets. In 1995 too, Surovikin was convicted for illegal arms trade, but both times he came out without a court trial. Russia has been accused that the government often overlooks the brutality of its general, given Surovikin’s combat skills.

‘Three people will kill for one soldier’
During the Chechen War, Sergei Surovikin gave the slogan that his command would kill three people if one soldier was killed. Not only this, in view of the instability spreading in Chechnya, the government had given permission to Surovikin to take military action in his own way. Due to which today this area is under the control of Russia.

Accused of destroying Syria’s Aleppo city
Surovikin was sent by Russia as the commander of the aerospace forces to help the Assad government in Syria. According to a report by Human Rights Watch published in October 2020, Surovikin heavily bombed the city of Aleppo and completely destroyed it. The organization in its report blamed Surovikin for the great brutality committed during the war. The report said that during the Russian crackdown, cluster weapons, incendiary weapons and improvised ‘barrel bombs’ were used extensively in populated areas. At least 1,600 civilians were killed in these attacks and about 1.4 million people had to leave their homes.

Chance of causing huge destruction in Kherson
Russia is now reshuffling its military operations in Ukraine in an attempt to prevent losses as a result of the Ukrainian military’s vigorous retaliatory strikes. War experts believe Surovikin’s appointment indicates that Russia will focus its war efforts on a region similar to that of Syria. Alexandre Voutravers of the Swiss Military Review told Al Jazeera that Russia’s operations are now slowly shrinking. Russia can also do this with the aim of causing heavy destruction on any one region.

This is also being said because on Saturday, Russia-backed leader Kirill Stremosov in Kherson announced the evacuation of civilians from the southern province. Kirill Stremosov told Russia’s RIA Novosti agency that people were being relocated to southern Russian regions. Looking at the process of relocating people, it seems that Surovikin can cause huge destruction in or around Kherson.

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