March 21, 2023

What a tradition! Why do married couples sleep separately in Japan? Read interesting answers of people

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Japanese couples prefer to sleep separately: After marriage, husband and wife usually sleep in the same room. Also, both have only one bed. But in Japan the tradition is somewhat different. It is quite common to see married couples sleeping separately here. Not only in the bed, but also in the bedroom, they remain separate. After all, why does this happen there… Different arguments are given regarding this. In Japan, many married couples believe that sleeping separately is good for them.

In many ways, the lifestyle of husband and wife in Japan is quite different from that of other countries. Many people work in different shifts. Things get more difficult when both husband and wife work, as is becoming increasingly common in Japan. People on Quora have given answers to this question in a very interesting way. Please tell that Quora is a question-answer website, where people ask questions and also give answers.

husband and wife do not sleep together
A user named Bunty Singh has written, ‘Even after being officially married in Japan, husband and wife do not sleep together. The important reason for this is their sleep. The more importance the people there give to their work, the more importance they give to their sleep. This is the reason why people sleep in separate rooms even after being married due to ‘quality sleeping’. The couple of this country does not want their sleep to be disturbed due to partner’s snoring or any other strange habit.

family and social responsibility
Achint Nath Saxena has written, ‘The ritual of sleeping on the same bed of a married couple has come from western countries where the basis of marriage is physical contact and relationship. In Eastern countries where marriage means personal relationship as well as familial and social obligations, it is not mandatory for a married couple to share the same bed to live together. Even in India, you will not find husband and wife sleeping on the same bed in families with traditional thinking.

Don’t disturb your sleep..
A user named Arun Kumar wrote, ‘The first thing that makes Japanese couples decide to go to separate beds is their different work schedules. Maybe the husband or wife has to go to work very early in the morning or come back late at night, so they wake up the person next to them or they take care not to disturb their sleep. So they spend the night in different rooms so that both of them can have an uninterrupted and healthy sleep.’

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