March 23, 2023

‘Was nude to cool down…’ To hide her identity, this work was done, the woman who climbed Merdeka 118 told the incident

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A Russian woman claims to have climbed to the top of the Merdeka 118 Tower in Kuala Lumpur.
The woman has shared the details of climbing the world’s second tallest building on Twitter.
The woman said that she lay down naked to keep herself cool during the climb.

New Delhi. A Russian woman who claimed to have climbed the Merdeka 118 tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Russian Women Climbed Merdeka 118) has posted a post on social media about it. He has shared his details of climbing the second tallest building in the world. In a series of tweets, Angela Nikolau said that she had rented an apartment near Merdeka 118.

In tweets, the woman said she had spent weeks figuring out important details before starting the climb on Merdeka 118, the South China Morning Post reported. He also claimed to have worn glasses and a construction worker’s dress to hide his identity to start the climb (Women Climbed Merdeka 118).

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Angela Nicolau said in her tweet, ‘I climbed up to the first 32 floors and started feeling very hot. Then I had to lie naked on the concrete floor to cool off. After this, I drank all the water I had. Angela said that she was almost recognized by the worker there.

He said in his tweet, ‘I was there without food, water and rest. I couldn’t even cry because the workers were right next to me. At the same time, I was also afraid that they would hand me over to the security. He said that after three hours when the workers were resting, then they started climbing further. He told that he was wearing a 15 kg backpack. The woman also claimed in the tweet that after completing the climb, she could not feel her hands nor was she able to lift them.

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