March 28, 2023

Was not allowed to stay in this country because she was too fat, asked to lose weight or go home

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You must have heard doctors saying that if you are fat then you are inviting many diseases. It is true that if you are overweight, then you may have to face many health-related problems. But can a country refuse to live here because of being fat? You will say what a joke. But this is true. A South African woman has claimed that she was asked to return from New Zealand because she was overweight.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mirror, this woman named Mondelea Bezuidenhout moved from Port Elizabeth in South Africa to Palmerston North in New Zealand in 2018 to start a new life with her husband and young children. Seeking a way to live permanently with his family, he applied for residency. But the officials rejected his application. The reason given was that his body mass index (BMI) was ‘too high’. Let us tell you that on the basis of BMI, it is decided whether your weight is correct according to the length or not.

told to lose 30 kilos
Mondelia claimed that the officers asked him to lose 30 kilos. Also said that if she cannot do this, then go out of New Zealand. Officials said 36-year-old Mondelia’s extra weight could increase the burden on the New Zealand government. Actually, the government funds for health services in New Zealand.

Mondelia was 128 kg
Mondelia said she was allowed to stay in the country after being granted a special dispensation on an appeal. Mondelia later dropped a whopping 10 BMI points from her score. His weight was 128 kg in those days. ‘I’ve always wanted to be a plus-size model like the Donna Claire women – I’ve even named my daughter Donna-Lee,’ she told South African media.

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