March 21, 2023

Vladimir Putin says in address to nation West Started Ukraine War Impossible to defeat Russia on battlefield

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Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian parliament in Moscow on Tuesday, where he accused the West of starting the war in Ukraine and claimed Russia used force to stop it. Along with this, he claimed that it is impossible to defeat Russia in the battlefield.

President Putin said that Russia was open to the idea of ​​dialogue and following the path of diplomacy with the West and has been open to similar security arrangements. During this, referring to the expansion of NATO, he claimed that Moscow got ‘dishonest answers’.

In his speech, the Russian President accused the Western countries of trying to turn a local conflict into a global conflict, targeting the US and its allies. Putin said, ‘We will react appropriately. We are talking about the existence of our country.

Putin also warned America without naming the country that has been providing military aid to Ukraine for the past one year. He said, ‘The more long-range weapons are sent to Ukraine, the more we have to push the threat away from us. Step by step, we will carefully and methodically achieve the goals that are in front of us.

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