March 21, 2023

Vladimir Putin Health: Putin has some serious illness! This rumor is getting stronger, is the Russian President’s health really deteriorating?: PHOTOS

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Vladimir Putin Health: The war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its second year on Friday. Both Moscow and Kiev are constantly competing with each other to achieve great success in this war. While Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is gearing up to defend his territories, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s health has drawn renewed attention. Putin’s health has always been a topic of interest around the world. There have been many speculations and rumors about his deteriorating health. Russian President Putin is rumored to be suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease and many other ailments. Although the Kremlin has kept silence about the health condition of Russian President Putin. But journalists and political scientists are keeping a close watch on Putin’s every move to detect any signs of weakness or illness.

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