March 23, 2023

VIDEO: ‘When I am hanged, don’t read the Quran, just celebrate,’ why did the Iranian youth say this before dying

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The young man was accused of killing two security personnel with a knife
Picture of mother-son meeting shared on social media
Iran’s human rights organization confirmed the execution of the youth

Tehran. Demonstrations against the government are increasing continuously in Iran. On Monday, the government publicly hanged 23-year-old Majidreja Rahnavard, who was a part of such a protest. Before being hanged in Mashad city, when the soldiers asked this man about his last wish, he made a strange demand. He said, ‘When I die, no one should read Quran at my grave, nor do any kind of prayer, just celebrate with music.’

Actually, a video related to this incident has gone viral on social media. In the same video the soldiers are asking Majidreja for his last wish and he talks to them without any fear or hesitation. At that time the blindfold is also tied on the eyes of the young man. However, News18 does not verify this video. This video has been tweeted by Belgian MP and women’s rights activist Darya Safai.

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