March 23, 2023

Video: Video of Istanbul blast came in front, people were frozen like snow, they had stopped breathing

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Big explosion in Turkish capital Istanbul
People were scared by the black smoke and loud sound all around.
People said – the voice is so loud that they become deaf

Istanbul. There was a massive explosion on Sunday in Istiklal, Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. About 6 people died in this blast. The video related to this blast is now going viral on social media. The scene of the blast can be clearly seen in this video. In the viral video, it is seen that a famous fashion street is packed with people. People are roaming comfortably with their families. Meanwhile, in a few seconds there is an explosion with a loud sound. People see fire and smoke.

Police and emergency relief work can be seen in another video. The authorities evacuated the area after the blast. An eyewitness said that after the blast, black smoke spread all around there and the sound was so loud that anyone could be deaf. The blast happened around 4:20 pm. Several TV media showed ambulances and police heading to the scene on the popular Istiklal Street in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district.

stuck where it was
A restaurant worker told- When I heard the explosion, I got scared. People froze wherever they were and started looking at each other. After that people started running from there. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan called the explosion an “attack” on a major street in Istanbul. He said that six people have died.

Blast a treacherous attack: President
Before leaving for Indonesia on Sunday to attend the G20 summit, Erdoan said the blast was a “treacherous attack” and that its perpetrators would be punished. Erdoan said four people died at the scene and two in hospital. According to Turkish media reports, a massive explosion occurred on Sunday in the crowded Istiklal Avenue, in which 11 people were injured. Turkish media gave this information on Sunday. It is seen in the footage that ambulances, fire engines and police have reached the spot. The cause of the explosion is not clear. People on social media said that shops in the area have been closed.

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