March 23, 2023

Video: Ukraine is flying a fighter helicopter just a few feet above the road, passersby stopped breathing

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Ukraine’s combat helicopter is seen flying very close to the highway
The video was shared by the Twitter handle of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Kyiv, In the midst of the ongoing war with Russia, Ukrainian fighter helicopters are seen flying very close to the roads. A video of this scene has been shared by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine itself. This eight-second video has been shared by the Ministry of Defense’s Twitter handle with the caption ‘Welcome to Ukraine’. In this video, a Ukrainian fighter helicopter Mi-24V is seen flying very close to the highway and just a few feet above the vehicles, which was filmed by a car driver going on the highway.

Pilots taking risks to avoid Russian attacks
It is believed that Ukrainian soldiers are trying to save their limited combat helicopter fleet by flying very close to the highway. If there is even a slight lapse in the pilot of these combat helicopters, which are flying only a few feet from the vehicles, then many lives can be lost due to this. However, in the video, the pilots are seen bravely flying the helicopter close to the highway.

‘Russia is making ‘power grid’ a battle ground’
Ukraine on Thursday accused Russia of turning its energy grid into a battlefield. Ukraine says that the power system in the country has collapsed due to the continuous attacks on the power grid, due to which people have been forced to flee in view of the coming cold. Ukraine alleges that Russia is carrying out attacks on the power grid mainly with the help of Iran’s suicide drones.

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