March 28, 2023

VIDEO- Teasing the chameleon was difficult for the snake, you would not have seen such a fight

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New Delhi. Videos related to animals go viral on social media, which are sometimes funny and sometimes surprising. One such video is going viral on social media, which is quite surprising. In this dramatic video on social media, a snake is seen attacking a chameleon. A small chameleon initially seems an easy target for the snake. But instead, the chameleon is forcing the snake to bite on its nose.

In this encounter the chameleon acts clever and behaves as if it is an easy target for predators. Little did the snake know that the chameleon had made another plan to escape. Looking further at the viral video, you will see that the chameleon is seen moving in the same direction in which the snake is ready to attack. During this encounter, the chameleon sometimes changes its color to dodge the snake and sometimes tries to change its shape. Seeing this, the snake gets scared and then slowly starts retreating.

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We all know the power of changing the color of chameleon, so chameleon dodges the snake many times by using this skill. Sometimes the chameleon tries to appear bigger than the snake’s mouth. During this quarrel, at one point the snake fatally attacks the chameleon. But the fast-paced chameleon manages to escape from the snake.

Although the suspense remains in the further part of the viral video whether the chameleon really survives the snake attack. At the end of the video you will see that the snake leaves the chameleon and goes back to the bush. More than 40 thousand people have seen this viral video. Hundreds of people have commented there.

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