March 25, 2023

Video: Snow storm wreaks havoc in Japan, 14 people killed, 87 injured, watch video

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1 m 20 cm of snow was observed in rural areas of Japan’s Niigata Prefecture.
14 people have died due to heavy snowfall.

Tokyo. The havoc of Snow Storm is now being seen in America as well as in Japan. There has been heavy snowfall in some parts of Japan since December 17, due to which 14 people died and 87 were injured. 1 m 20 cm snowfall has been observed in rural areas of Niigata Prefecture, Japan. There has been a blackout in the area due to snowfall since Saturday. There was no electricity in about two thousand houses. Meteorological Department officials have asked people to be cautious and avoid going to non-essential places.

Both rail and air services have been affected due to snowfall. According to the report, there has been heavy snowfall in the northern parts of Japan for the past one week amidst the severe winter. Most of the roads are covered with snow, due to which hundreds of vehicles are stranded. The local administration has appealed to the residents in the affected areas to be careful while clearing snow from the roofs. According to the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the power supply to some 20,000 homes was disrupted on Christmas morning.

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