March 23, 2023

VIDEO: Passenger plane crashes in lake in Tanzania, 40 passengers were on board; many casualties feared

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Tanzanian plane crashes into lake
Relief and rescue work continues after the crash
There were passengers on the plane, there is a possibility of casualties

Dodoma (Tanzania). A major plane crash happened in the African country of Tanzania. The plane fell into the lake, due to which many passengers are feared casualties. According to CNN, relief and rescue work is going on fast after the incident. The plane that crashed in the lake belonged to Precision Air Company. According to the company’s statement, it was a commercial flight. It crashed in Lake Victoria. A Precision Air spokesman said the plane crashed into Africa’s largest lake adjacent to Bukoba Airport.

According to Precision Air, the flight was coming from the coastal city of Dar-e-Salaam. However, it is not yet clear how many people were on board the plane and how many people were injured in the accident. According to local media, 40 people were on board the crash plane. So far 15 people have been rescued. Let us tell you that Precision Air is a Tanzanian airline company. The President of Tanzania has appealed to the people for peace and patience in his message written on social media, while the work of rescuing people from the crash plane in the lake is going on.

Citizen TV Kenya has tweeted a video of the plane crashing into the lake. which you can see here. Citizen TV Kenya has tweeted a video of the plane crashing into the lake. which you can see here.

President Samoa Suluhu wrote on Twitter on Sunday, ‘I have learned with sadness that a Precision Air flight has crashed in Lake Victoria.’ The President told that the accident happened in the Kagera area.

…This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.

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