March 25, 2023

VIDEO: Panic spread due to serial missile attack in Ukraine, videos of bombing went viral on social media

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Bombardment, rocket and missile strikes in many areas of Kyiv
Video shared by journalists went viral on social media
Strong attack on parks, roads, buildings and bridges

New Delhi. As soon as the bombings and missile attacks took place in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Monday, videos of the massive devastation in the city started going viral on social media. In a video shared by journalists, smoke can be seen coming out of the destroyed buildings. At the same time, huge pits can be seen in many areas of the capital due to missile attack. The bombing of the famous Glass Bridge in the heart of the city can be seen in one of the videos shared by Ilya Ponomarenko, a freelance journalist from Kyiv. These scenes are scary. It is clear from these how horrific and fear-inducing was the attack.

Similarly another clip, currently tweeted by Matthew Luxmoor, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal in Ukraine. It depicts the devastation in the Shevchenko Park in central Kyiv. The journalist explains in his caption that the park is the city’s “busiest park, usually full of people and musicians”. A large crater, burnt branches and smoke are visible in the video. In the background, a enclosure with various children’s rides can be seen. The painful scars of war can be seen here.

The girl shooting the video narrowly escaped the attack

Another video shared by Laxmoor and many others is also terrifying. In this, only the girl shooting the video narrowly survives the bombing. Amidst the bombing on the streets, the girl is shooting a video, that a missile falls just close to her. The fear on the girl’s face, her screams and the whole scene is scary. Shocked by the blasts, the girl somehow starts walking again and reflects on the devastation and horror caused by the explosions.

Russia fired 75 missiles, the sky filled with smoke

Several other videos, shot from inside cars, showed clouds of smoke rising skyward from the explosion sites, news agency AFP said. On the developments, Ukraine said that Russia had fired around 75 missiles and five people were killed and several others were injured in the blasts. The blasts came a day after Moscow blamed Ukraine for the blast on a bridge connecting Crimea with Russia, in which three people were killed.

Ukraine’s ‘many’ cities were attacked: President Zelensky
Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the sponsors, perpetrators and writers of Ukraine’s secret services to describe any incident as terrorist. Here, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not directly mention the incident in his nightly address, and officials in Kyiv did not directly claim responsibility. On Monday morning, Ukraine’s president said there had been attacks on “several” cities in Ukraine.

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