March 27, 2023

Video of President of this country urinating in his pants goes viral, 6 journalists detained

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6 journalists have been detained in Sudan after a video of the President went viral.
In the viral video, a black spot was seen spreading on the President’s pants.
Sudan President Salva Kiir is 71 years old.

Khartoum. Six journalists have been detained here after a video surfaced in the North African country of South Sudan. In fact, in a video, the President of South Sudan is seen urinating in his pants. During the national anthem at an event in December, a black stain was seen spreading on President Salva Kiir’s gray pants and a large wet mark (South Sudan President Pee) was formed on the floor.

According to news agency Reuters, the 71-year-old President stood for the national anthem at the road commissioning event. Though the video never aired on television, it later went viral on social media. Patrick Ouet, president of the South Sudan Union of Journalists, said journalists working with the state-run South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation were detained on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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He said that he has doubts as to how the video of the President urinating has come to the fore. He named the journalists as cameramen Joseph Oliver and Mustafa Osman, video editor Victor Lado, contributors Jacob Benjamin and Cherbek Ruben and Joval Toombe.

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Salva Kiir is the President of South Sudan since 2011 when it gained independence. Government officials have repeatedly denied rumors circulating on social media that he is unwell. Significantly, the country has been embroiled in conflict for the last one decade. Patrick Oyett has further said that we are all worried because those who have been arrested can be kept in custody for a long time. South Sudan’s law states that people are held in custody for a maximum of 24 hours before being brought before a judge.

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