March 21, 2023

Video mp proposes in parliament of australia said during speech we should get married – VIDEO

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Victoria. Australian MP Nathan Lambert expressed his love for his partner during his speech in Parliament on Tuesday and said ‘I think we should get married’. There was loud applause in the entire Parliament on this proposal and other MPs praised it. The atmosphere in Parliament has become different. Here new Victorian Labor MP Nathan proposed to his partner Noah Erlich in front of everyone in Parliament. Nathan Lambert said in his first speech, ‘I am not giving any ring right now, because it is not allowed to keep it here, but at this time the ring is safe and I have planned to give it very romantically.’

Nathan Lambert said that tonight when the children go to sleep and we are also tired, then I will wear that ring to you. Noah Erlich has accepted this proposal. Nathan Lambert’s speech and proposal have been appreciated by other MPs. The Guardian reported that Lambert gifted the ring to his partner after the speech. Nathan Lambert and Noah Ehrlich have been planning their wedding for a long time. Lambert said that Noah has agreed to the marriage and has said ‘yes’ to my proposal.

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