March 27, 2023

Video: CPR of the injured was going on in Seoul on one side, people were dancing and singing on the other side

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Halloween program held in Seoul, capital of South Korea
More than 150 people died, many injured during the stampede in the party
After the incident, there was a ruckus, many people danced unconsciously among the injured.

Seoul. More than 150 people died in a heart-wrenching accident in South Korea on Saturday. A Halloween program was taking place in the Itawan district of the capital Seoul and there was a sudden stampede among the people. Now more videos related to this incident are also coming out on social media. The shocking thing is that people were dancing and singing even when the injured were being given CPR (Procedure to save during heart attack). He had no idea what was happening next.

The traumatic incident took place in a narrow street in Itawan near the Hamilton Hotel. Thousands of people gathered here in a small street. It is being told that this street was only four meters wide. Not even a big car can come out of it. During the stampede, the slope-like structure broke down and there was no place to even keep a foot. At that time emergency officials and police tried to get people out of the crowd, but to no avail.

Uproar after stampede
After the accident, it is seen in a video released on social media that people are lying unconscious on the road. The rescue team is giving CPR to save them. It is being told that many people got cardiac arrest. Eyewitnesses say that after the stampede at the Halloween event, there was a ruckus. The police tried to control the situation, but could not control the crowd.

Eyewitnesses said that despite being a narrow lane, people were rushing into it. It was downhill in the street. During this, the people present in the upper part of the slope kept on falling and then people started falling on each other.

Yongsan Fire Station chief Choi Sung Byom said the Yongsan district fire chief said almost all the deaths were caused by the stampede in the narrow street. It is seen in a video that on one side people are being given CPR and on the other side people are dancing and singing.

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