March 27, 2023

VIDEO: Big explosion in Turkish capital Istanbul, many people feared casualties

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Istanbul. There has been a huge explosion in Istiklal, a very busy area of ​​the Turkish capital Istanbul, in which many people are feared to be injured. According to Turkish local media, the blast took place on a street full of passersby. Several videos after the blast are also going viral on social media, in which a large number of policemen and ambulances can be seen going towards the spot. The governor of Istanbul said in a tweet that some people were killed and many were injured in the explosion in the city.

According to Turkish media reports, a massive explosion occurred on Sunday in the crowded Istiklal Avenue, in which 11 people were injured. Turkish media gave this information on Sunday. It is seen in the footage that ambulances, fire engines and police have reached the spot. The cause of the explosion is not clear. People on social media said that shops in the area have been closed.

Flames and loud explosions can be seen in a video posted online. At the same time, after hearing the sound of the blast, people walking in the market are seen running here and there. There is an atmosphere of chaos in the entire area. The blast happened around 4:20 pm. Several TV media showed ambulances and police heading to the scene on the popular Istiklal Street in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district.

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