March 28, 2023

VIDEO: A huge fire broke out in the huge dome of Indonesia’s mosque, the structure collapsed on sight

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Huge dome collapses after Indonesia’s mosque catches fire
So far no casualties have been reported in the incident
The last time there was a fire 20 years ago, it took 5 hours to extinguish

Jakarta. The massive dome of the Grand Mosque, the Islamic Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, collapsed on Wednesday after a massive fire. In the viral footage on social media, it is clearly visible that flames are emanating from the dome of the mosque. According to the report of Gulf Today, no casualty has been reported in the incident so far.

According to media reports, the dome of the mosque was destroyed by fire during the renovation. Firefighters were informed of the blaze shortly after 3 p.m. local time, with at least ten fire tenders being dispatched. Video footage showed flames and smoke billowing out of the dome just before the mosque collapsed. Watch the video of the fire viral on social media below.

However, the cause of the fire is not yet known. According to the report, local media said that the police is investigating the cause of the fire and the contractors working in the building are also being questioned.

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Apart from the mosque, the Islamic Center complex also houses educational, commercial and research facilities. The last time the dome of the mosque caught fire during repairs nearly 20 years ago, the October 2002 fire took five hours to extinguish.

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