March 25, 2023

Vande Materan: ‘Khan Sisters’ shines in South Korea, national anthem ‘Vande Materam’ spells magic

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Role of Lord Krishna, who has played in UP’s state level singing competition
Gita recitation was done in Sanskrit, was honored by CM
Will return to Meerut on 11th after performing in Indian classical musical program

South Korea. Two Muslim sisters from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh performed India’s national song ‘Vande Materan’ on the foreign soil of South Korea. These Muslim sisters not only presented it but also got a lot of applause and applause from the people there. The ‘Vande Mataram’ echo of these Muslim sisters who came in the headlines is becoming very viral on social media these days. In fact, when he introduced this national song on foreign soil, some people even captured it in their mobile and made it viral on social media.

During this presentation in the video, the people sitting in front stood in their place and they also started chanting it. The thunderous applause intensified the echo of this song. There people have highly appreciated this presentation of these two sisters.

Alia and Alima Khan sang Vande Mataram on stage. On listening to the national anthem of India, great respect was seen among the people on foreign soil. It is said that both the Muslim sisters have come to South Korea to perform in an Indian classical musical program. After its presentation, she will return to Meerut city of UP on October 11.

It is said that Alia and Alima have come in the discussion even before this. For the first time she came into the limelight when she played the role of Lord Krishna in a singing competition at the UP state level and recited the Gita in Sanskrit. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had also appreciated this presentation and also honored Alia for playing the role of Lord Krishna.

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