March 25, 2023

Used to share his nude photo on adult site, now he will eat jail air

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Viral News: A Singapore court has sentenced a model there to jail. This model named Titus Low has been found guilty of sharing nude photos on the adult side. The 22-year-old model shared provocative videos and photos on the adult site and OnlyFans. Let us tell you that during the last two years, this app has become very popular in America and Europe. It is said that models here earn crores in a very short time. But in many countries sharing adult content on this app is considered a crime.

According to the BBC, Titus Low has also been fined $ 3,000 dollars, or about one lakh 72 thousand, for sharing obscene pictures and videos. Along with this, he will also have to stay in jail for 3 weeks. Let us tell you that in Singapore, it is illegal to share pornographic material through electronic means or to participate in such business or to make profit from it.

was arrested last year
Lo was arrested in December 2021. A woman had complained against him. The woman had said that nude content of this model was found on the phone of her 12-year-old niece. After this he lodged a complaint with the police. This 22-year-old model was associated with the adult site a few months back in April. Here he quickly became a local star. After the complaint was made, the authorities confiscated his phone, iPad and changed the details of his OnlyFans account. But Lou regained access to his account and continued to upload content as well as start another account.

was the only source of income
He told last year that he had continued to use the site because it was his main source of income. Low faced up to three months in prison at the time and up to six months in prison for disobeying police instructions. After his sentence on Wednesday, he posted on Twitter that he was glad it was finally over.

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