March 25, 2023

US Military Strike: US military strike on ‘Al Shabaab’ in Somalia, killed 30 extremists, has connection with this dangerous terrorist organization

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US military strike on extremist organization ‘Al Shabaab’ in Somalia
30 Al Shabaab militants killed in US military strike
Al Shabaab is affiliated with Al Qaeda.

Mogadishu. On Friday, the US military carried out a military strike on the extremists of ‘Al Shabaab’ in Somalia. About 30 Islamic al-Shabaab members have been killed in this strike near the central Somali city of Galkad. Here the Somalian army was engaged in a heavy fighting with the extremists of ‘Al Shabaab’. This strike is in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Happened near Galkad, 260 kilometers north-east of. The US African Command said that there was no information about the injury or death of any civilian in this strike.

According to the news agency ANI, US security forces carried out this ‘massive self-defense attack’ in support of Somalia’s national army. Let us tell you that Somalia’s army was engaged in heavy fighting after an attack by more than 100 extremists of Al Shabaab. Significantly, Al Shabaab is linked to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

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It is known that America is continuously supporting the Somali government. US President Joe Biden approved the redeployment of US forces to Somalia in May 2022 in an effort to counter the terrorist group. Biden took this decision, reversing former President Donald Trump’s decision to send less than 500 troops to Somalia in 2000.

The extremist group has thousands of fighters and has long held sway over parts of central and southern Somalia, often carrying out high-profile attacks in the capital, Mogadishu. At the same time, in recent months, the US Army has also given a befitting reply to the extremist group. The US Army has also carried out several strikes in retaliation. Dozens of al-Shabaab extremists have lost their lives in this. In October last year, a US strike killed two al-Shabaab members some 218 kilometers northwest of Mogadishu. In November, 17 al-Shabaab fighters were killed in an attack about 285 kilometers northeast of Mogadishu.

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