March 21, 2023

Ukraine’s Kherson was evacuated by Russian soldiers, Zelensky said – a sign of the end of the war

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The Russian army has withdrawn from the city of Kherson.
Ukraine’s President Zelensky called this move of the Russian army a sign of the end of the war.
The strategically important city was occupied by Russian forces for nearly eight months.

Kherson. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday described the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson as “the beginning of the end of the war”. He also met Ukrainian soldiers in this southern city of the country. Kherson is claimed to be liberated after a counterattack by Ukraine that forced Russian troops to relinquish the city. It is considered one of Ukraine’s biggest successes in the nearly nine-month-long war with Russia.

Zelensky said that the country’s strong army is continuously liberating areas occupied by Russia since the Russian invasion. At the same time, he also acknowledged the difficulties in this and the death of a large number of people. The Ukrainian army has claimed to have liberated three large areas in the country through its retaliatory strikes. These areas include the area north of Kyiv, the area north-east of Kharkiv, and now Kherson and many of its surrounding settlements.

In the video footage, Zelensky can be seen thanking people greeting him from the window of an apartment. Russian presidential office Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday declined to comment on Kherson’s visit to Zelensky, saying you know the region is part of the Russian Federation. According to Ukrainian media, President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Kherson after being freed from Russian occupation.

The strategically important city was occupied by Russian forces for nearly eight months. Russia left its strong hold in this big city. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Kherson was one of the first places to be captured.

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