March 27, 2023

Ukraine: Russian missile fell on residential building, 3 people died, 8 apartments collapsed, Zelensky’s pain spilled

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On Wednesday night, a Russian missile fell on a residential building in Kramatorsk city of Ukraine.
8 apartments were damaged in this attack. A total of 3 people died there.
Hurt by this Russian attack, Zelensky tweeted and talked about defeating Russia.

Kyiv. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete one year. But the deadlock between the two countries is not taking the name of stopping. Russia starts attacking Ukraine afresh. In this sequence, on Wednesday night, Russia attacked a residential building in Kramatorsk city of Ukraine with a missile. Due to this, 8 apartments of the building were damaged and a total of 3 people died. There 20 people were injured. Due to the missile, there was such a tremendous explosion that in a moment there was a pile of debris. After getting the information of the incident, the rescue team reached and got involved in evacuating people from the debris.

Local officials had told in preliminary information that Russia had fired a rocket. But later the police force said that a Russian missile had hit a building at 9.45 in the night. At least eight apartments were damaged by the fall of the missile, police said in a Facebook post. One of those apartments has been completely destroyed. Also in the post, the police expressed the possibility of people being buried under the debris of the apartment. Let us tell you that last month, a Russian missile attacked a residential building in Dnipro city of Ukraine, in which a total of 44 people died.

Zelensky hurt by Russian attacks
At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, hurt by the Russian attacks, wrote on the Telegram messaging app that this is not an event of history. This is the daily reality of our country. A country that has only evil on its borders. In a separate tweet, Zelensky wrote, “The only way to stop Russian terrorism is to defeat it with tanks, fighter jets and long-range missiles.”

Ukraine is now asking for fighter jets
Let us inform that Ukraine is now demanding fighter jets and missiles from other countries. While recently America has supplied Abrams tank and Germany has supplied Leopard tank. Regional governor Pavlo Kirilenko has posted a picture of the building after the Russian missile attack, which clearly shows that the attack has caused heavy damage.

57 people died due to missile falling on the railway station
At the same time, the Ukrainian outlet of Radio Free Europe has shared a video clip, in which people are seen doing rescue under floodlights. Ukraine has accused Russian troops of indiscriminately firing on infrastructure, which Russia has denied. In April last year, Ukraine said 57 people had died after a Russian missile hit a train station in Kramatorsk. However, Russia rejected this allegation and said that it was a Ukrainian missile.

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