March 27, 2023

Ukraine Russia War: NATO will jump into Russia-Ukraine war after missile fall on Poland! What does the constitution of this organization say?

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Poland has requested the meeting under Article 4 of NATO
According to Article 4, any country can call such a meeting in case of danger.
World War 3 may start if NATO attacks

Brussels, Between the Ukraine-Russia war, a Russian missile (poland missile attack) fell in NATO member country Poland, bringing the world to the brink of the Third World War. The missile fell in the village of Prezvodo, located about 6.4 kilometers west of the Ukrainian border, killing two people. After which the fear of NATO attack on Russia has started catching up. After this missile attack on Poland, NATO member countries can declare war against Russia using Article 4 and Article 5. So let us know what is NATO and why this organization can change both the direction and condition of the war in a few moments…

NATO is a 30-member military alliance
NATO is a 30-member military alliance that was formed in view of the potential threat from Russia to the member countries. At present, there are 30 countries in this alliance, who talk about attacking together in case of attack on any one country. Because Poland is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, there is a possibility that the organization will implement Article 5 (Article 5 of NATO) by calling it an attack. At present, all the countries together are trying to find out the source of the attack.

When will article 5 apply
If it is determined that Moscow was at fault for launching the missile, it may invoke Article 5, in line with NATO’s principle of collective defence. Under Article 5 of NATO’s constitution, an attack on one of the members of the Western alliance is considered an attack on all. After the implementation of Article 5, all 30 member countries attack the enemy with full potential.

NATO meeting under Article 4
According to a Reuters report, Poland has requested the meeting under Article 4 of NATO. Now in this meeting, Poland can give evidence on the standards set to implement Article 5 with the member countries. According to Article 4, any country can call such a meeting in case of danger, in which the implementation of Article 5 can be discussed. If Poland succeeds in proving that this missile attack was done intentionally by Russia, then NATO can attack Russia with full force.

Will NATO attack at the behest of Poland?
First of all, we need to understand that Article 5 cannot automatically apply in any situation. After an attack on a member state, the others come together to determine whether they agree to treat it as an Article 5 situation. There is also no time limit on how long this type of consultation can take. In such a situation, it is not necessary that NATO should attack Russia even if Poland says lakhs.

When did Article 5 of NATO come into force for the first time?
After the terrorist attacks on America on September 1, 2001, Article 5 of NATO was implemented for the first time. After its implementation, all the countries together took befitting action against those responsible for these attacks, which included ousting the Taliban from power. At present, a meeting of NATO countries is going on on the Russian missile, which will decide whether it will be considered as an act of war or not.

Biden indicated not to attack
US President Joe Biden said that it may happen that this missile was not fired by Russia. According to a Reuters report, Ukraine is also using Russian-made missiles and weapons on a large scale in the war. In such a situation, there is a possibility that this miss fire may have happened from Ukraine itself. However, President Joe Biden has said since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion that Washington will fulfill its Article 5 commitments to protect NATO partners.

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