March 27, 2023

Ukraine-Russia war is a boon from the perspective of climate change, UN Meteorological Organization gave this reason

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The Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) told the big reason
Sanctions imposed against Russia and increased fuel price
WMO expects war to increase focus on green energy

Geneva, The head of the UN’s meteorological agency, Petri Tallas, has said the war in Ukraine could be seen as a ‘boon’ from a climate perspective, as it accelerates long-term green energy development and investment. . World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Secretary-General Talas made this statement at a time when the world is facing an energy crisis, largely due to economic sanctions imposed against Russia, a major producer of oil and natural gas and fossil fuels. There is an increase in the price of fuel.

This has led some countries to increase the use of alternative sources such as coal, but rising prices of carbon-generating fuels, including oil, gas and coal, have pushed more high-priced renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydrothermal into the energy market. made competitive.

Tallas said the war in Ukraine was “a shock to the European energy sector”. “In five to 10 years it will be clear that this war in Ukraine will increase our consumption of fossil energy and it is accelerating the pace of adoption of green resources,” he said. “We will invest more on renewable energy, energy saving measures,” he said. “From a climate perspective, the war in Ukraine can be seen as a blessing,” Tallas said.

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