March 25, 2023

Ukraine is making this big preparation in Kherson! Russia expelled citizens out of fear, read the inside story

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Ukrainian Armed Forces engaged in mobilizing a large number of tanks and armor near the Kherson region
Russian security forces fear that Ukraine is preparing for a major attack

Kyiv, In order to liberate its Kherson region from Russia, Ukraine has now started depositing a large number of military equipment in the area. According to Russia’s news agency TASS, Ukraine’s armed forces are mobilizing a large number of tanks and armored motor vehicles near the Kherson region. Giving information on Sunday, Deputy Chief of the Region Kirill Stremosov said that Ukraine is accumulating more and more armored vehicles, tanks and a lot of equipment in Kherson.

threat of a major attack
Russian security forces fear that Ukraine is preparing for a major attack. In view of the fierce clashes, Stremosov said that the evacuation of residents on the left bank of the Dnieper River and other Russian territories is continuing. The area is being evacuated so that there is minimum loss of life and property. At the same time, Russia could also carry out its special operation without any restrictions.

2400 combat drones and 330 fighter planes destroyed
The Russian Air Force has in the past days shot down eight Ukrainian HIMAR and Olkha rockets, a HARM anti-radar missile as well as a Tochka-U ballistic missile. Let us tell you that HIMARS is an advanced rocket launcher of the US Army, which was overshadowing Russia in the past. According to the news agency, so far Russia has destroyed more than 21 thousand state-of-the-art military equipment of Ukraine.

In total, according to the report, the Russian Armed Forces have 331 Ukrainian military aircraft, 169 helicopters, 2,452 unmanned aerial vehicles, 386 surface-to-air missile systems, 6,398 tanks, 883 multiple rocket launchers, 3,560 field artillery guns, mortars and 7,086. Special military motor vehicles have been destroyed.

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