March 28, 2023

Ukraine Corruption Scandal: Russian attacks filled the pockets of Ukrainian ministers! Corruption rampant, a dozen sacked

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Ukraine sacks a dozen top officials on corruption charges
Ministers took bribe to buy generators at inflated prices after grid strikes
Logistics taken for the army at two to three times higher prices

Kyiv, Kyiv on Tuesday announced the sacking of a dozen top officials in its biggest political move since the country’s first major corruption scandal linked to the war. Ukraine, which has been facing corruption for a long time, has been surrounded by such cases even during the war. The decision to sack the top officials came after photos released by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau showed Vasyl Lozinski, the minister responsible for the development of communities and regions, according to a report in news agency AFP. Vasyl Lozynskiy) is shown cash seized in his office. Lozinsky was dismissed after his arrest on suspicion of embezzlement.

Vasyl Lozinsky, 36, was accused of accepting $400,000 in bribes to purchase generators at inflated prices as the country grappled with power shortages following Russian attacks on its energy grid. Presidential aide Mykhaylo Podolić said those sacked included governors and ministers of regions who had served in war zones. Podolic tweeted, ‘Everyone should understand their responsibility during the war.’

Kirylo Tymoshenko, a key aide who has worked with Zelensky since the 2019 election, also announced his resignation. Posting a picture of himself with his handwritten resignation letter, 33-year-old Tymoshenko thanked the president for giving him the opportunity to do good work every minute. Tymoshenko was implicated in several scandals, including the alleged personal use last October of an SUV donated to Ukraine for humanitarian purposes. He was replaced by Oleksiy Kuleba, former head of the military administration of the Kyiv region.

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