March 23, 2023

Ukraine claims Russia is making ‘power grid’ battle ground, destroyed 30 percent of the country’s power houses

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Ukraine accuses Russia of turning the power grid into a battlefield
Power grid attacks cause power failure in Ukraine
At least 30 percent of the country’s power stations destroyed in a week

Kyiv, Missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s power grid, which began after the emergency meeting of Russian President Putin, are not taking their name to stop. According to a report by news agency AFP, Ukraine on Thursday accused Russia of turning its energy grid into a battlefield. Ukraine says that the power system in the country has collapsed due to the continuous attacks on the power grid, due to which people have been forced to flee in view of the coming cold. Ukraine alleges that Russia is carrying out attacks on the power grid mainly with the help of Iran’s suicide drones.

The US said after Ukraine’s claims that Iran is training Russian troops to carry out drone strikes in Crimea. The United States said on Thursday that Iranian military trainers were sent to Crimea to assist Russian forces on drones. According to the Ukrainian military, Russia is also using Shaheed-136 in addition to Iran’s ‘Kamikaze drone’ drone.

Drone attacks started after emergency meeting
At Russia’s powerful Security Council meeting, President Putin passed a resolution to destroy Ukrainian energy, military and communications facilities with his powerful missiles, discussing the Kerch Strait Bridge blast and the strategy ahead. It was only after the blast on the Kerch Strait Bridge that the Kremlin made it clear in its news briefing that Russia would soon give a befitting reply to Ukraine for these attacks.

Ukraine’s power crisis
Attacks on power grids, which have been going on for ten consecutive days, have created a huge power crisis in Ukraine. Ten to twelve hours have to be cut in all the major cities of the country including the capital Kyiv. In such a situation, the coming winter in the midst of intensifying attacks has increased the concern of Ukraine. According to officials, at least 30 percent of the country’s power stations have been damaged in a week after Russian missile and drone strikes.

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