March 23, 2023

Ukraine: After the latest Russian attack, power failure in most areas, supply of drinking water stalled

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Most of Ukraine without power after Russian attacks
Drinking water supply affected, huge loss in Ukraine
Three active nuclear power plants lost their connection to the grid

Kyiv. Three active nuclear power plants have been cut off from the grid and much of the country is without power after renewed Russian military attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure on Wednesday. The Ministry of Energy gave this information. The ministry said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that electricity workers were working to restore supplies “but we will need time in view of the large-scale damage caused.” After this, power supply has been affected in most parts of the country and in the neighboring Moldova region.

The Facebook post said that attacks have been reported from several areas. Administrations of various regions have said that critical infrastructure has been targeted. Officials in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv said three people were killed and nine were injured in a Russian attack on a two-story building. Russia has been bombing the power grid and other structures for the past several weeks. The new attacks have added to the burden on the already battered energy infrastructure.

Half of Ukraine ruined, electricity and water supply affected: President Zelensky

Before the new attacks, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that about half of Ukraine’s infrastructure has been destroyed due to Russia’s attacks. Amidst the lack of electricity, the problems of lakhs of people have already increased and now the water supply has also been affected. Ukrainian officials say Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks spending time in the dark in winter will turn public opinion against war, but he is wrong because people’s resolve will be stronger.

Explosions in many places in the country, massive power shortage

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Wednesday that “one of the capital’s basic facilities has been damaged” and that there were several explosions in “different districts” of the city. He said that the water supply has come to a standstill in the whole of Kyiv. In Moldova, Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu said that “there are massive power outages across the country.” Moldova’s Soviet-era energy systems are linked to Ukraine.

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