March 21, 2023

Twin bomb blasts in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, 100 killed, over 300 injured

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Mogadishu: Days after a car bombing and shooting killed nine people in the Somalian city of Kismayu, two separate cars exploded in the capital city of Mogadishu on Saturday afternoon. Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh told local Somali cable TV that the death toll in the blast so far is around 100 and more than 300 have been injured. The condition of many of the injured remains critical.

According to local media reports, two car bombings targeted the building of Somalia’s Ministry of Education. Reuters quoted a local citizen as saying: “Two car bombs hit the Education Ministry building on K5 Street.” A police officer guarding the ministry, who identified himself as Hasan, told Reuters he saw at least 12 bodies immediately after the explosion and that more than 20 people were seriously injured.

Visuals of the bombing have gone viral on social media platforms and clouds are seen rising over the city of Mogadishu after the blast. In other videos, windows of houses in and around the blast site are seen broken. The terrorist organization al-Shabaab is reported to be behind the bombing, which is waging a violent, armed war against the Somali government. Somali security forces say they have gained an edge on the battlefield against al-Shabaab, fighting alongside local self-defense groups in recent weeks, but the terror group has continued to launch deadly attacks.

Police spokesman Sadiq Dudish told Reuters: “At 2 p.m. al-Shabaab terrorists carried out two explosions targeting civilians, including children, women and the elderly.” Earlier on Monday, 9 people became victims of terrorists in Kismayu. He was killed by the security forces. The shots were fired after a vehicle laden with explosives hit the gate of the Tawakal Hotel in the port city. “Nine people, including students and civilians, were killed and 47 others were injured, some of whom are in critical condition,” Jubland Security Minister Yusuf Hussein Dhumal told Reuters.

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