March 27, 2023

Turkiye Syria earthquake Man clutches to cigarette as he is pulled out from rubble Viral Video

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Video of a man trapped in a debris in Turkey smoking a cigarette goes viral.
More than 12,000 buildings were either destroyed or severely damaged in the Turkey earthquake.
India started ‘Operation Dost’ to help Turkey and Syria after the earthquakes.

Ankara. After the earthquake in Turkey, the work of evacuating the people buried under the buildings which have turned into a pile of debris is going on in full swing. During this, videos of many incidents have come to the fore. However, a new video has shown that even when it is made on life, no person is able to give up drug addiction. People on social media are giving different names to an unnamed person who was trapped under the debris of Turkey-Syria earthquake. A video of him has gone viral on social media. In which it was seen that even when the rescuers were taking him out of the debris, he was continuously smoking cigarettes.

A video shared on Twitter shows a man being pulled from rubble in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake in Syria and Turkey. It is seen in the viral video that the person is continuously gesturing while smoking a cigarette. When the rescuers take him out and help him to lie down on a stretcher, he is seen continuously smoking a cigarette even as he crawls. Significantly, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Turkey on Monday. Later another 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred. Even after this there were many tremors of earthquake.

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