March 21, 2023

Turkey Syria Earthquake Live Updates bhukamp Death Toll injuries buildings collapsed Operation Dost

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Turkey Syria Earthquake Live Updates: Due to the high speed earthquake in Turkey-Syria on Monday, more than 15 thousand people lost their lives. More than 50 thousand people were injured. Lives trapped under the debris are still searching for help. According to the report, about 1 lakh people are engaged in the rescue operation, in which teams from different countries are also there. For the most part, help is not reaching those trapped under the rubble in Syria. Many countries including India, China and America are busy helping Turkey-Syria.

At the same time, due to the freezing temperature in Turkey, the rescue operation has to be stopped again and again. People are delivering water bottles to their loved ones buried under the debris, so that somehow they can be pulled out safely. Many videos of people and children trapped under the debris have come to the fore on social media, which are shocking. Many children were rescued safely during the rescue operation. The President of Turkey will visit the earthquake affected areas. At the same time, national mourning has been declared in Turkey. Apart from this, emergency has been implemented in many provinces. At the same time WHO has issued a warning. Along with this, he has also requested for help from other countries. Read live updates related to Turkey-Syria…

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