March 27, 2023

Turkey syria earthquake death toll more than 34 thousand again earthquake of magnitude 4 7 kahramanmaras

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Ankara. The number of people who lost their lives in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has increased to 34000. At the same time, the number of injured has now reached close to 1 lakh. The rescue operation is still going on. To save the people buried under the debris, the rescuers have been working continuously for the last 5 days in the bitter cold. According to the local time, the number of dead has increased to 34,105 on Sunday. Turkish Emergency Coordination Center (SAKOM) said that 29,605 people have died so far in the earthquake in Turkey.

4,574 people died in Syria
At the same time, 4,574 people have died due to the earthquake in Syria. According to the Syrian Ministry of Health, 3,160 people have lost their lives in the northeastern region of Syria. According to the State News Agency, 1,414 people have died in the government control area. At the same time, the director of WHO can also visit the rebel areas of Syria very soon. On the other hand, according to the local time in Kahramanmaras city located on the Turkey-Syria border, earthquake tremors were felt once again on Sunday. There was an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7.

Earthquakes are coming continuously in Turkey-Syria
Let us tell you that from last Monday till now earthquake tremors are being felt continuously in Turkey-Syria. Rescuers pulled some survivors, including a pregnant woman and two children, from the rubble of buildings six days after a devastating earthquake struck Turkey. Meanwhile, the German government wants to temporarily ease visa restrictions for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria.

Germany extended a helping hand
German Interior Minister Nancy Fazer tweeted late on Saturday, “We are extending a helping hand in times of crisis.” We want to make it possible for Turkish or Syrian families in Germany to bring close relatives from the disaster area.’

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