March 21, 2023

Turkey earthqauke more than 3800 people died india ndrf team america rescue team sent

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Aden. More than 4000 people have died so far due to a series of powerful earthquakes (Turkey Earthqauke) in Turkey and neighboring Syria on Monday. At the same time, more than 15 thousand people have been injured. The buildings have suffered heavy damage due to the earthquake. Right now the number of casualties is expected to increase, as rescuers are still searching for people trapped in the debris in the affected areas. Earthquake tremors were felt in both the countries before sunrise and people had to come out despite cold and rain. After the earthquake, tremors are still being felt.

In different cities, rescue workers and residents are busy pulling out survivors from collapsed buildings. Patients, including newborns, had to be safely evacuated from a Turkish hospital and several hospitals in Syria that were destroyed in the earthquake. Regarding this accident, Turkish President Recep Tayyin Erdoğan said that the work of removing the debris of many buildings in the earthquake area is going on. We do not know how much the number of dead and injured will increase. Let us know the big updates till now….

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