March 23, 2023

To deal with North Korea, Japan will respond with hypersonic missiles

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Japan’s Defense Ministry is considering deploying hypersonic missiles by 2030
Japan’s emphasis on increasing counterforce capability to deal with North Korea’s threats
Hypersonic missiles are at least five times faster than the speed of sound

Tokyo, Troubled by North Korea’s persistent missile terror, Japan has now decided to deploy a very advanced hypersonic missile to respond to it. Asia’s news agency Nikkei Business Daily reported on Thursday that Japan’s Defense Ministry is considering the deployment of hypersonic missiles by 2030. Japan’s defense ministry is pushing to increase counterforce capabilities to counter the global security environment and threats from North Korea by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

at least five times the speed of sound
Hypersonic missiles are considered extremely advanced, which are at least five times faster than the speed of sound. Due to such a high speed, these missiles are seen struggling a lot to penetrate the air defense system. In such a situation, the decision of the Japanese government to deploy hypersonic missiles is also to send a big message directly to North Korea.

At the same time, Japan is planning to revise its national security strategy as well as other major defense papers by the end of the year. According to Nikkei, those documents may also refer to counterattack capabilities and Japan’s stance on hypersonic missiles.
One idea is that Japan could deploy long-range missiles in the three states by acquiring US-made Tomahawks, the report said, as a first step in increasing its counterattack capabilities.

North Korea fired 23 missiles
North Korea fired a record 23 missiles in one day, stunned by the maneuvers of South Korea and America, which created a state of alert in Japan and South Korea. About 25 minutes after the first notification of the launch, Japan’s Coast Guard said the missile had landed in the Pacific Ocean, 1,100 kilometers east of Japan. On the alert issued during the missile, it was said that a missile had flown over Japan. However, Japan’s Defense Ministry later said that the missile did not go over Japanese territory.

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