March 21, 2023

This toilet of Japan is being discussed everywhere, what is special about it?

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Viral Photo: Japan has no answer in hard work, dedication technology and innovation. The people and engineers here always try to do something new. That is why this country has been walking on the path of progress for years. Now take environmental protection only. In the last few years, people have become quite aware of this. People are continuously working in this field. But the matter of Japan is different. He is very serious about this issue. Now just look at the design of this toilet there. What better way to save water than this?

People are discussing this commode installed in the toilets of Japan these days. Just look at it, the toilet has a flush tank with a handwashing sink on top. The soapy water that comes out of hand washing contributes to the filling of the flush tank. Water will be saved in this process. Needless to say that the tap water on the sink is fresh. But in this way a lot of water will be saved.

space saving
Not only this, this design also saves space in the bathroom. Referring to the compact washrooms, a tweet claimed that Japan saves “millions of liters” of water through the widespread use of these toilets.

tweet going viral
This tweet has gone viral with more than 1 lakh likes. It has also brought to the fore some interesting cultural perspectives that the users are loving. Although some people do not like it. People are calling it useless.

Some users have also reported that washing hands in the sink like this would be quite inconvenient. One person tweeted saying that the design “feels really convenient to use if you have long arms.”

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