March 28, 2023

This plant grows only in 10 places! The world is addicted to taste and aroma… its cultivation will make you rich!

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Wasabi plant is found in Japan, it is used in spices
Apart from Japan, there are only a few countries where it is cultivated.
Cultivation of wasabi is very long and complicated, the plant is very expensive.

Wasabi Cultivation: There are many such precious things in the world which are found in a particular region. There are many such fruits, vegetables or other plants which are found only in certain countries or certain regions. There are many such plants about which we or you do not even know. One such plant is Wasabi. There would be very few people in India who would know about Wasabi. There are very few countries where wasabi is cultivated. Wasabi Cultivation is basically done in Japan. But apart from this it is also being cultivated in some countries. Right now there are only 10 such countries where wasabi is cultivated.

Wasabi is often called ‘Japanese horseradish’ in western countries. Mainly its root is used. Its root is used in making spices. Its taste is very pungent. People like its taste and aroma very much. Wasabi is grated and added to dishes. It is a major spice used in Japanese cuisine.

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Farming is done in these countries
Wasabi is mainly cultivated in many areas including Izu Peninsula, Shimane Province, Iwate of Japan. Basically, Wasabi is cultivated only in Japan. But apart from this, it is now being cultivated in other places as well. Apart from Japan, it is done in Oregon, USA, Israel, Tasmania, British Columbia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada and North Carolina. However, wasabi is cultivated only in some areas of these places.

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’20 thousand rupees per kg…’
To get Wasabi in pure form, it is cultivated without fertilizers and pesticides. Some growers use fertilizers for higher yields. Wasabi cultivation is long and complicated. Its demand is very high. It takes up to two years to prepare. For good and pure production of wasabi, it requires a lot of care. People like it very much in Japan. It is very expensive. Generally, the cost of one kg of wasabi is around Rs 20,000.

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