March 27, 2023

The world’s first AI political party, whose leader is a chatbot, will contest parliamentary elections in this European country

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artificial intelligence based danish political party is going to contest the parliament election
Party Leader is a chatbot that lets you ask all kinds of questions
Chatbot leader Lars formulates policies with the help of artificial intelligence

Copenhagen, Denmark), With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) around the world, scientists are solving big problems in a pinch. Now the world’s first AI political party has also come forward to solve the political problems running in the country. According to a US news report, a new artificial intelligence based Danish political party is eyeing the Parliament elections these days. Denmark’s Synthetic Party is hoping to win some seats in the November general election this year.

The party was founded in May by artificial intelligence-based leader Lars and the non-profit arts and technology organization Mind Future Foundation. The public face of the synthetic party and the chief AI chatbot leader is Lars, who formulates policies with the help of artificial intelligence. The party’s founder and an artist-researcher of Mind Future, Oscar Stone, said the party leads all the smaller parties that do not have the resources to contest elections.

Leader Lars is an AI chatbot
According to the report, Leader Lars is an AI chatbot with which people can talk on Discord. You start your sentences with “!” By doing this the leader can address Lars. AI understands English but answers you in Danish. Ston further explained that some of the policies proposed by The Synthetic Party include establishing a universal basic income of 100,000 ‘Danish kronor’ per month, which is equivalent to $13,700, and twice the Danish average salary. Another proposed policy change is to make the Internet and IT sector jointly owned by the government.

Chatbot is the leader of the party
The leader of this party is a chatbot from which you can ask all kinds of questions. When Leader Lars, a chatbot, was asked if the chatbot supports a basic income, to which he replied, ‘I am in favor of a basic income for all citizens.’ When asked why he supports a basic income, it explained, ‘I believe that a basic income will help reduce poverty and inequality and act as a safety net for all.’

Finally, when asked whether an AI should determine the basic income level, leader Lars replied, ‘I believe that AI should be included in determining the basic income level as it is necessary to evaluate and ensure that everyone gets their fair share.

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