March 25, 2023

The train left amidst raging flames and a plume of smoke, watch the shocking video

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Viral Video: You must have seen many train accidents. But the accident we are going to talk about today will surprise you. It seemed that everything was filmy. Fierce flames… a plume of smoke and a train passing through the middle. The onlookers were stunned. There was a flood of these videos on social media. Many people recorded it from different angles. Please note that this video is from Mexico.

According to media reports, a freight train and a fuel tank collided in Central Mexico. This collision was so severe that dozens of nearby houses caught fire. These videos of the fire went viral on social media. Black smoke was visible in a large area of ​​the city. A video showed a goods train burning in flames. Not only this, this train was passing on the tracks from the middle of the fire.

It was not clear how the accident happened. Initial reports said that the truck collided with a train. But news agency Reuters says that the truck hit an overpass. State-owned oil company Pemex denied owning the truck and said it was helping efforts to douse the fire. A video taken from a car parked nearby shows a long goods train running through flames on either side of the track.

800 to 1,000 people were evacuated after the fire broke out in the residential area. 12 people have been rescued from their homes and no one has been injured. It is being said that the driver of the truck has been arrested.

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