March 28, 2023

The plane went to extinguish the fire of the volcano, the victim of the accident, the pilot died; watch sensational video

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Viral Video: A shocking video has emerged from the Italian island of Sicily. A plane that arrived to extinguish the flames of the volcano crashed. Both the pilots died in this incident. The special thing is that the entire video of this accident was captured in the camera. According to local media, the search operation is currently going on.

According to media reports, a volcanic eruption in Sicily caused a fire in the forest of Linguaglosa, a nearby town. This plane was sent to extinguish this fire. A footage from local news channel TG3 showed the plane approaching the fire at an angle, but then rapidly descending to the side of the volcano.

Video footage shows the plane coming in a circular motion at an angle towards the fire, but the pilot seemed to have failed to guess exactly how much space was between them and the mountain. During this a fire broke out.

However, the black box has not been detected yet. But the officials are confident that soon the cause of the accidents will be digested. The flight took off from Lamezia Terme after refueling in Giare, according to Emergency Live, which says the Linguaglossa fire brigade is among those present at the scene.

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