March 21, 2023

The painful story of these 5 people of Russia! For 5 months, the airport has been made a place, eats food once a day

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For the last 5 months, all five youths are living at the International Airport.
During the mobilization reached South Korea after fleeing from Russia.
Three youths had come in the month of October. While two youths came in November.

New Delhi. The life of common people has been badly affected in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Many examples of this keep coming to the fore. In this episode, another new case has come to light, where 5 youths fled from Russia and were hiding at the International Airport of South Korea for the last 5 months. All the five youths were having food only once for the last 5 months. All these 5 people, in the month of September 2022, when Russia started sending common people to the army to fight the war, they somehow managed to reach South Korea.

refusal to accept as a refugee
At the same time, the Ministry of Justice of South Korea has refused to accept these youths as refugees. The Ministry of Justice said that the applications of these youths were not rejected because they refused to participate in the mobilization. Speaking of their conditions, their lawyer Lee Jong-chan told CNN, “They are given one meal a day, which is lunch, and the rest of the time they survive on bread and water. “

Youth have less health facilities
He said that men can take bath but they have to wash their clothes by hand. Along with this, it was also told that they have to stay in a limited space only till the departure and duty-free area present at the airport. His lawyer said that those five youths have very little medical facilities and no arrangements for mental health care, which is very important. His weekly told that three youths had come in the month of October. While two youths came in the month of November.

Mobilization fiercely opposed in Russia
Apparently, the partial mobilization of Russian citizens to fight against Ukraine caused angry protests and led to a mass exodus. Many people also tried to run away from the country. According to aggregated figures, reported by CNN, more than two million people fled to Georgia, Kazakhstan.

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