March 23, 2023

The missile attack in Kyiv created a storm in the coffee shop, watch the viral video

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Viral Video: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Russia has launched a series of strikes targeting vital infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other major cities in Ukraine. In such a situation, there is a sense of devastation everywhere. Ukraine is also continuously retaliating in the midst of Russia’s threat of nuclear attack. Meanwhile, many videos from the battlefield are going viral, seeing which you will be shaken.

Missile and drone strikes have damaged Ukraine’s power network, causing massive power outages over the past two weeks. One such missile attack was recorded in the CCTV camera of the coffee shop. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. A woman is making coffee for her customer when suddenly, a missile fell just a few meters from their shop. In such a situation, there was devastation in his shop. It felt like an earthquake had happened. Stuff started falling all around.

Loud explosions were heard in several parts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in the early hours of Monday. Several people preparing to go to work early in the morning received warning messages from the emergency department about missile strikes. During this period, sirens of the threat of air strikes continued for about three hours in the city.

Kyiv Mayor Vitoli Kalitschko said the strikes caused power and water supply cuts in a part of the Ukrainian capital. Kalitschko said local officials were working to repair the plant that supplies electricity to nearly 3.5 million homes in the city. Officials have also feared power outage due to the attacks in Zaporizhia.

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